South-East States Top Nigerian States Searching For Gay Porna

South-East States Top Nigerian States Searching For Gay Porna

Google Trends 2019 reviewed in their search statistics that Sout-East states rank highest among states in Nigeria Searching gay porn online in Nigeria, followed by South- South states.

According to the list, Imo tops the lists followed by Enugu and Anambra close the top three. Rounding up the top five is Abia and Delta state in fourth and fifth place respectively.

The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja comes in at number eight while Lagos places ninth on the list.

March 10-16 of 2019 accounts for the lowest search period for gay porn while December 22-28 accounts for the highest search.

The top 10 states searching for gay porn in Nigeria according to web searches are:

According to the statistics, four states from the South-east make up the top four positions while three states from the south-south take the next spots. One each from north-central (Abuja), south-west and north-east complete the list.

Again, Imo state tops the list of the states where image search for gay porn originated and is followed by Oyo while Rivers closes the top three. March 31-April was the peak period for the image search for gay porn. The search was lowest between November 4-30 2019.

Culled from Guardian


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